[Users] Python script access to file(s) inside folder?

Holger Berndt berndth at gmx.de
Tue Aug 20 21:58:44 CEST 2013

On So, 11.08.2013 13:17, Pierre Fortin wrote:

>Would this require replicating the os module functions, such as:
>  clawsmail.listdir() etc...?   Or... could os.<function>() be hinted
>to use #mh/Mailbox as a "symlink" to /home/pfortin/Mail?

A mail folder inside Claws Mail may or may not correspond directly to a
folder on your harddisk. For MH folders (Claws Mail's default storage
format), it does. IMAP folders, on the other hand, live on your mail
server. With mbox, a mail folder corresponds to a file (not a folder)
on your harddisc (though implementations typically build their own
folder infrastructure to be able to cope with nesting). Etc.

Long story short - a mail folder in Claws Mail is an abstraction.

On the other hand, Claws Mail associates a local folder to each mail
folder, as a place to store its own book-keeping data. For MH folders,
this is directly the corresponding folder on your harddisc, for IMAP
it's the cache dir, etc. I guess that would be a suitable place for
your folder-specific extra information.

I just commited a patch that lets Folder objects of the Python plugin
export this path via the "path" member:
print clawsmail.get_folderview_selected_folder().path

>Don't suppose there's a way to copy a file, such as:
>  #mh/Mailbox/Linux/claws-mail/.signature into a compose window at will..?

In a compose script, you have access to the GtkTextView of the body, so
you can do with it whatever you want, e.g. append the system MOTD to
the end of the body:
with open("/etc/motd") as fp:
    file_contents = fp.read()
buffer = clawsmail.compose_window.text.get_buffer()
buffer.insert(buffer.get_end_iter(), file_contents)


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