[Users] HTML Printing Issue.

Endeavor Networks Inc. info at endeavor-networks.com
Wed Apr 24 23:24:01 CEST 2013

Have version 3.9.0-149-gcbfce9 installed on Windows XP.

We can print the plain text rendering of an e-mail. However, if we try
to print a HTML rendering of an e-mail we are presented with a dialog
that states the following:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Assertion Failed!
Program: <our install path>\clawsmail.exe
File: cairo-scaled-font.c
Line: 2345
Expression: _cairo_scaled_font_is_frozen (scaled_font)

Three buttons are offered (Abort, Retry, and Ignore)

After clicking on either of the three buttons, another dialog is
presented, which states that "clawsmail.exe has encountered a problem
and needs to close."

Claws Mail then closes without printing the e-mail.

We have used "Save email as..." in Claws Mail, "Open saved message",
and "Copy to" in Thunderbird to place the e-mail in Thunderbird's
inbox. Once there, it is viewable as HTML (with remote content), and is
successfully printed.

We are not having printing issues with any other applications. We
believe this issue existed in earlier CM versions, prior to the
transition to the Fancy HTML Viewer. 

Does anyone know if this issue is being worked on?

Thank you.

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