[Users] mail in composition lost when internet connection dropped

Neels Hofmeyr neels at hofmeyr.de
Mon Apr 22 16:59:51 CEST 2013


today my internet briefly dropped. I was busy writing an Email.

Claws could not connect to the IMAP server, hence popped up that typical
notification. Usually I think I click on it, but today I just hit
<Return>. I guess that activated the 'Close' button.

Alas, claws completely shut down, everything closed, and my Email in
composition was *lost*. Very bad. It is not good to be able to get a
pop-up intervening, hit Enter (say by accident because you were just at
the end of a paragraph, or on purpose to just get rid of that
meaningless popup and continue writing, because this is important and
you don't have time for popups right now) and then completely LOSE the
Email you were busy writing.

This is with version 3.9.0-184-g6e07ee-dirty

Should I do something? File a bug report / feature request? Write a
patch? (so many patches to be written... probably won't.)


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