[Users] Mail fetch question.

Colin Leroy colin at colino.net
Mon Apr 8 08:50:27 CEST 2013

On 07 April 2013 at 23h44, Mark Filipak wrote:


> Yes, I saw it. Not deleting the server copy until I knew everything
> was okay doesn't work.

Of course it does. 

> I have almost 50 Google Mail accounts. I have
> the Google end of each set up to delete the server copy on access.
> What you are proposing doesn't even qualify as a workaround.

Even with GMail not respecting RFCs and deleting
mails from the UIDL list without the client issuing a DELE, to go back
to your original question, quote:

>>> Neither. In between they are stored in a temp folder.  
>> That's inefficient. What happens if the app or computer crashes in
>> the mean time?  
> They usually get downloaded again and there can be duplicates.  

They just wouldn't be downloaded again, but the fetched copy in the
temp dir -- which is *not* a system temp-dir, but a C-M one -- would
be used and filtered to the correct mailbox.

I'm starting to find your tone rather irritating, "that's inefficient",
"that doesn't work",... and I suggest you start stepping off your high
Claws-Mail exists and works since more than ten years, has at least a
few thousand users, and I believe that if it didn't work, we'd be aware
of it by now.

Please forgive any typo, I'm typing one-handed for a few days
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