[Users] Keyboard shortcuts to inboxes (Paul)

Cliff Laine clifflaine at europe.com
Sun Apr 7 23:07:38 CEST 2013

Thanks Paul for that. BTW, one thing about this list is that in CM
3.8.1 on Linux Mint 14 Nadia, it's always necessary to manually post
the answer, because pressing reply, the quoted text cuts off after a
short number of lines, so anyway, this was the conversation....

On Sun, 7 Apr 2013 10:08:02 +0100
Cliff Laine <clifflaine at europe.com> wrote: 

> The focus is in the account and mailbox list on (my) LH side. I
> want to go to the inbox of the account listed third down that list,
> using only the keyboard.
> If I press G then I, it takes me to the inbox of the first listed
> account. If I press I again, it looks for a mailbox name beginning
> "ii".
> Is there a way of altering anything so that repeated pressing of I
> would take me to the next account's inbox?  

No, but you can use the 'down' cursor key to go to the next match.

with regards


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