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Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Sat Apr 6 20:33:50 CEST 2013

I think most people would agree on what a 'mailbox' is in the real world. But what would be an account ?

I think the account equals the postal service. In most countries, there are more than one service company, including state government service. In a way, you 'subscribed' to them even if you're not aware of it, by living in the country in a specific address. If anything was legal, you'd need official permission (like, citizenship) for being in your place, and that would be the authority source of your 'subscription' then. Like, the city hall is where you 'subscribed'.

Anyway. The different postal services often drop all mail into one mailbox; otherwise, you also can have several boxes for different purposes. However a single mailbox would not just be equal to one 'postal service' account.

That said. I have to admit that equaling one account with one mailbox would be more intuitive to me too. So i think Mark is not completely wrong.

my 5 ct...

Holger wrote:

> There is a "mailbox", which is basically a storage location. You can
> have one or multiple of those, and they can be stored on different
> physical locations.
> Inside a mailbox, you can have a nested "folder" structure.
> Then there are "account"s, which handle the take-over from your mailbox
> to the provider for sending and (possibly) receiving.

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