[Users] Can't write file

Hugh H. kshcygsrch at snkmail.com
Fri Apr 5 23:00:04 CEST 2013

I just replaced Ubuntu with Linux Mint.  After doing the install, I
restored all my $HOME files from backup.  Now claws-mail is giving me
continual messages saying "Can't write file."  The relevant lines from the
log show:

* Account 'Legend': Connecting to POP3 server: pop.secureserver.net...
[16:55:58] POP3< +OK <8497.1365195357 at pop.secureserver.net>
[16:55:58] POP3> USER {e-mail address}
[16:55:58] POP3< +OK 
[16:55:58] POP3> PASS ********
[16:55:58] POP3< +OK 
[16:55:58] POP3> STAT
[16:55:59] POP3< +OK 10764 278396971
[16:55:59] POP3> UIDL
[16:55:59] POP3< +OK 
[16:56:00] POP3> LIST
[16:56:00] POP3< +OK 
[16:56:00] POP3> RETR 10719
[16:56:00] POP3< +OK 16740 octets 
*** Can't write file. 

I noticed that I was running v3.8.0 under Ubuntu and am now running 3.8.1
under Linux Mint.  I tried reinstalling.  I tried looking for claws-mail
directories or files with incorrect permissions, username or groupname, to
no avail.

Any suggestions?

Hugh H.                                    e-mail: tr23feyvpw at snkmail.com
Somewhere in the USA                                 http://www.cynic.org

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