[Users] IMAP4 strangeness

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Thu Apr 4 19:23:57 CEST 2013

I have been using Claws Mail for years, currently version 3.9.0 on
Fedora 16, x86_64. I have two POP3 accounts and two IMAP4 accounts, the
latter being accounts at my university. 

First the stupid part. When I started at my university seven years
ago I was given an e-mail account. Then my status changed and some
idiot in OIT told me I needed to have a new account. This was not true,
but a new account was set up for me. However, the old account was not
disabled, and a lot of people knew me by that address, so I just
continued to use the original account and ignored the new account.
Everything was fine until two years ago when the university decided to
move to Google mail instead of using their own servers. The changeover
went smoothly and both accounts still worked. But in January this year I
got a message from OIT that they had noticed that I had two accounts so
my old account would be disabled. 

After numerous trips to the OIT help desk I finally transitioned to the
new account and got all the saved mail / folders from the old account
into the new one. They set up an alias so that mail to the old account
would automatically forward to the new one. 

I can receive mail on the new account, including mail sent to the old
account, so the alias is working. But if I try to send a message using
the new account I get an error message:

	"An error happened during SMTP session. Use 'Send queued
	messages' from the main window to retry."

Sometimes I get a popup asking for the password for the old account.
That account has been disabled, and the password no longer works.
Regardless, if I enter the password, or just click on OK or Cancel, the
popup goes away and then I get the above error message.

Yesterday I needed to reply to a message on a university listserve. I
kept getting the above error message, and subsequently clicked on Send
Later to put the message in the queue, followed by sending using the
Send button on the main menu. Again I got the error message. The
message never appeared in my inbox, as it should since I am subscribed
to the listserve and regularly receive messages from it. But this
morning I needed to access my messages from a different computer, so I
used the web interface. There was my message to the listserve, *four
times*, one for each time I tried to send it. So far no one has
complained that I sent the same message to the list four times, but this
is embarrassing! 

I can't figure out why sending from the new account sometimes asks for
the password for the old account. 

I need some clues.

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