[Users] AttRemover plugin : I'd like to keep a trace of deleted attachments

Denis FEURER denis.feurer at ird.fr
Wed Apr 3 18:04:37 CEST 2013

Dear all,

Apologizes for my previous posts ; I did not understood the
(quite simple, though) way the mailing list works and my first messages
had a poorly meaningful subject (which was "users" ; please don't
mock me).

I go back to my question with a slight modification and a solution
proposal :

Question :
Is there a simple way to patch the AttRemover plugin so that
a trace of the deleted attachment *would stay visible in a mail
reader* ?

Solution proposal :
I've carefully read the answer of Colin Leroy, the developer of
AttRemover itself, who helped me understand that the request I
expressed at first is not as simple to deal with as I thought ; since
then I looked deeper in the source att_remover.c and I think I've found
the core of attachment removing at lines 429-448.
As far as I understand, this function uses middle-level commands ;
the code does not directly manipulate the mail file ; my guess is then
that editing body of the mail after having removed attachment is not

My proposal/question now : would keeping a 0-byte attached file (with
same name and metadata or a name like deleted-<filename>) be
easier than adding info about the removed file within the mail body ?
This way, any mail reader would see the trace of the deleted attached

What do you think about that ?

Thank you in advance for you answers and thank again for developing
efforts. Best regards,


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