[Users] [Bug 2552] in automatic checking, enable the use of different time intervals

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Please reconsider for this patch what Abhay said.
I'm a simple user who is able to do maths and the multiplication of two numbers
is no problem for me, but I don't want something like "mail check time
intervals" to become a science.
Having to reconsider the global time "base" everytime I set a new per account
time and having to remember that I will change ALL per account time, when I
change the global pref is simply NOT userfriendly. I don't do these things very
often but when I do it, I want it to be easy to use and do what I want it to
Having these "multiply sliders" makes this simple feature very complex but
makes it hard to apply a real custom setup.
For example I want a 10 min default, I have one important account I want to
check every 3 mins, and then there is one freemail account, that only lets you
check your mails every 15 mins, but is not too reliable in that so I make is
safe and want to check it every 16 mins. Can you explain me why I should use a
global check interval of 1 minute and set ALL my default accounts to "10 x
global" to achieve this configuration? Sorry, but this makes no sense and is
super counter intuitive.
Please go back to the original idea to set independent values for the global
and the per account values. Thanks! 

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