[Users] [Bug 2738] Erroneous rotation of SSL certificates

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Fri Sep 28 02:14:31 CEST 2012


--- Comment #11 from Pierre Fortin  2012-09-28 02:14:30 ---
I too am just a user...  but Colin gave you the answer in the very first
comment above. Let's parse it together...

> Claws warns each time a certificate changes.

Your comments indicate you are aware of this.

> It is abnormal

as in "not normal", "wrong", "non-compliant"...

> for a server (farm or not)

multiple machines (or just one)

> with a single DNS name

with just "gmail.com", not gmail2.com, gmail3.com, etc...

> to present different certificates at each connection.

are starting to see the real problem?  
In case...  each time you check mail, you are likely hitting a different
machine at gmail.com, all of which are not certificate-synched.

That said; Google feels that the problem is due to the date/time in your
computer...  any chance it's off by a few minutes?


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