[Users] [Bug 2738] Erroneous rotation of SSL certificates

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Thu Sep 27 22:40:21 CEST 2012


--- Comment #7 from IgnorantGuru  2012-09-27 22:40:21 ---
I searched and didn't find any open bug reports on this, just users
complaining, so I submitted one.  Now I understand why that is - you just keep
closing them.

If you keep hearing about an issue, it's because you're not addressing the
problem in any reasonable way.  If you want to ignore it, that's your choice,
but my suggestion is don't mark it as 'resolved' when you haven't resolved it
at all.  Just leave it open until someone is actually willing to work on it, so
others can see it's a known problem.  Or, expect more reports just like this

You could at least keep the new cert for the current session.  Or provide some
kind of an option specifically for this, since obviously your client handles
the situation poorly.  You can complain that the situation is not what you want
it to be, but that's just ignoring reality, which never makes for good

I see this a lot - closing a bug just to get rid of it.  I think it disrespects
the users who take the time to report issues.  Regardless, thanks for what is
usually a good app.  I expected a genuinely responsive dev team because of this
- instead I got the usual 'just mark it resolved so I don't have to deal with
it' response.

News flash: you have an UNresolved issue here - that's why you keep hearing
about it.

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