[Users] Command line password update?

Paul claws at thewildbeast.co.uk
Sun Sep 23 15:17:13 CEST 2012

On Sun, 23 Sep 2012 07:16:01 -0400
"Renaud (Ron) Olgiati" <renaud at olgiati-in-paraguay.org> wrote: 

> Why ? Are we all supposed to drool over page three of The Sun ?

A banker, a Daily Mail reader and a benefit claimant are sitting at a
table sharing 12 biscuits. 

The banker takes 11 and says to the Daily Mail reader, 'Watch out for
the benefit claimant he wants your biscuit'.

it's a reactionary right-wing paper. sort of like the sun for people
who think they're better than the sun readers.

with regards


It isn't worth a nickel to two guys like you or me, 
but to a collector it is worth a fortune 

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