[Users] [Bug 2035] don't download attachments when opening mail for reading

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Tue Sep 18 18:36:53 CEST 2012


--- Comment #7 from wwp  2012-09-18 18:36:53 ---
You're right Andrey, you didn't mention mobile use at all. I had this in mind,
because in terms of UI limitations and network bandwidth limitations, it's the
only case where I can see CM as not being mandatorily adapted (I'm not saying
that it cannot be used, but it's not really designed for that kind of use, even
if improvements have been done, tagetting small-screen devices).

I was running Claws Mail in its former shape 10 years ago, when network was
without comparison and in way worse conditions, and IIRC neither me or other
people was finding this application *not* lightweight, whatever the meaning of
the word. Now that machines have super powers and that network bandwidth has
exploded, I hardly see how such critizism can be pertinent.

What I'am saying is that your current and precise argument is (to me), useless.

Now, about the possibility to optionally skip downloading attachements. I have
no clue how this can be done but I can admit that it might may sense for some,
and I see that as a pertinent request for feature/enhancement.

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