[Users] Install Claws Mail on Macintosh

Stainless Steel Rat ratinox at gweep.net
Fri Sep 14 16:03:10 CEST 2012


Install XQuartz, Xcode and MacPorts.  Install the port.

  sudo port install claws-mail

Install a spelling dictionary.

  sudo port install aspell-dict-en

If all goes well then you will have a working Claws Mail installation.
MacPorts does not include any extra plugins so they will need to be
compiled separately. The gtkhtml2 plugin requires the hack/fix I posted
previously or the patch I sent to Colin.

Custom variant:

Changes in how OpenSSL negotiates ciphers may render Claws Mail non-
working with some servers. The simplest fix is to compile libetpan
against GnuTLS instead of OpenSSL and compile Claws Mail against this
verison of libetpan.

Install XQuartz, Xcode and MacPorts as with the simple method. Edit the
libetpan Portfile with port edit.

  sudo port edit libetpan

Add this variant section to the end of the libetpan Portfile.

  variant gnutls {
    depends_lib-delete    port:openssl
    depends_lib-append    port:gnutls
    configure.args-delete --with-openssl=${prefix}
    configure.args-append --without-openssl --with-gnutls

Save the file and install the libetpan port with the +gnutls variant.
Don't worry that OpenSSL is installed. It is used by some of libetpan's
dependencies but not by libetpan itself with these options.

  sudo port install libetpan +gnutls

Install the Claws Mail port and dictionary as above.

Finally, as a bit of a space-wasteful hack, Wineskin Winery has the
option of running a custom command instead of a Windows executable.
Running Claws Mail this way gives it a private X server and a real Dock
icon so it won't get in the way of other X11 applications.

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