[Users] shortcut for changing the dictionary of the spell checker

Ronald Müller ronald at ikl-trainer.de
Thu Oct 18 12:23:15 CEST 2012

Hello Claws Mail users list,

I have to write mails in 3 different languages. For this reason I would
like to change with a shortcut the dictionary of the spell checker. For
example <strg> + <alt> + <e> the english dictionary and <strg> + <alt>+
<d> the German dictionary and so on.  
I found this in the Claws wiki:

> How can I change the key-bindings (hot-keys) in Claws Mail? That is
> very simple. First, ensure that the option "Enable customizable menu
> shortcuts" is enabled on the "Other" preferences page, then, suppose
> you want to assign a shortcut key to a function, e.g. sending all mail
> out should start when you press Ctrl-Y. Click the "Message" menu and
> move the mouse over "Send all messages" (or press Alt+M to unroll the
> "Message" menu then use the down cursor key to activate this "Send all
> messages" menu entry). Now you press Ctrl-Y. Immediately the menu text
> is updated and the function is in place. .....

But this works only for the first level of the menu. For example if I
use in the composite window spelling-->next wrong word (Hopefully it is
like this, I have only the German menus) it works. If I try for the
dictionary and use Spelling-->Options-->Changing dictionary-->en_GB its
not working at all.
Is there any other possibility to change the shortcuts for example a
configuration file?

ClawsMail 3.8.0 / (X)ubuntu 12.04

Thanks for the help


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