[Users] Can replies quote all multipart/mixed parts?

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Oct 15 19:25:54 CEST 2012

I do a lot of code reviews by email, mostly using Launchpad's merge
proposals.  These generally come to me as multipart/mixed.  The first part is
a text/plain containing the rationale for the change (i.e. what the submitter
wrote).  The second part is usually a text/x-diff inlined diff.

When I reply to the message in Claws, all I get is the first text/plain part
quoted, which is only part of what I need to reply to.  The text/x-diff part
is never included, but I want it to be.  Is there a way in Claws to make this

Here's what I do today.  Note this works moderately well because I use Emacs
as my external editor.

* Do the original reply, with the text/plain part quoted in the Emacs buffer.
* Click on the little icon denoting the text/x-diff part in the main Claws
  view window, leaving me with another Emacs buffer containing the diff.
* Copy the entire diff buffer, then C-x # to exit the diff's server buffer.
* Go back to the reply window and C-y to yank the diff into the reply

Making this smoother would be a huge benefit to my workflow.

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