[Users] [Bug 2705] Claws crashes when retrieving POP mail

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Sun Oct 14 18:21:53 CEST 2012


--- Comment #7 from cia.watson  2012-10-14 18:21:53 ---
I did not copy the address book from one application to the other. As noted in
the Debian bug report I filed, what I did was import a vcard of addresses from
Gmail, and rather than create a new separate address book (which Claws address
book did when importing a different vcard); it added all of the imported
information to the Common addresses. It had already auto-imported the Common
addresses from my Claws Mail installation.

Because I didn't necessarily want my Gmail addresses mixed in with the Common,
I opened Claws Mail to check the address book to see if it had auto-added them
there too while Claws Contacts was still open. It didn't appear that it had, so
I closed Claws Mail and when I launched it again later is when it crashed and I
filed the bug report.

I also discovered just yesterday, that when I open the Address Book in CM and
click on the Common addresses book, I get an error that says 'Common addresses:
Bad file format' and detail screen (Name, Email and Remarks) is blank, as
though that address book is empty. So something is still not quite right, but I
haven't looked at it yet. Just to set the record straight, I think the issue
was some wonky interaction between Claws Contacts and Claws Mail.

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