[Users] [Bug 2828] Use MD5 digest for socket name

ratinox at gweep.net ratinox at gweep.net
Thu Nov 29 18:59:36 CET 2012

On Thu, 29 Nov 2012 17:52:45 +0100
Ricardo Mones <ricardo at mones.org> wrote:

>   The own configuration directory serves the same purpose, as both
> uids have access to it.

This is not viable on POSIX systems for which CM uses Unix Domain
Sockets and filesystems like FAT and NTFS that don't support Unix
Domain Sockets. Addressing this is the purpose of the patch: to move
the socket back to /tmp, where it belongs, in a way that won't conflict
with different configuration directories.

>   I see, but like many other things it doesn't need to be perfect:
> just to work on the 99.99% sane cases and fail miserably on the other
> 0.01%.

That's the rub: trapping the 0.01% and doing something useful about it
instead of letting CM segfault and take who knows what with it. I'll
leave that to someone who knows how to deal with that, thankyouverymuch.

Aside: looks like it isn't CM immediately responsible for the
duplicates. I'm trying a different SMTP server for this.

\m/ (--) \m/

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