[Users] A 'stuck' email - SOLVED -now - Spell checkong

Sharon Kimble boudiccas at talktalk.net
Thu Nov 29 05:54:08 CET 2012

Doesn't it make you sick! As soon as I sent off the previous email i was
able to sort it out and get it working properly by just 'unmarking'
it, exactly the same as I’ve done many times before!

But the previous email did remind me of another problem that i have,
spell checking. I've asked in the freenode #claws channel on IRC but
have been unable to get it working properly. I have spell checking
configured properly in Configuration/Preferences/Compose/Spell
Checking, with the coloured box set to 'red'. But, I don’t see any
colours at all in claws mail, its purely monochromatic. I have all
boxes ticked in the spell checking configuration page, with 'en-ca'
being my alternative dictionary, but I still don’t have any visible way
of seeing misspelled words. 

What is the 'en-GB' dictionary called, and where would I find it
please? I suspect that mine hasn't survived the upgrade from
'squeeze' [Debian stable] to 'wheezy' [Debian testing]. Well, spell
checking manually of each "next misspelt word" is working in 'en-GB',
just I don’t see any coloured, misspelt words, nor squiggly lines
underneath misspellings,

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