[Users] Action in Windows doesn't react

Egbert Bouwman egbert.bouwman at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 18:56:29 CET 2012

An action script for claws-mail works well under debian-linux,
but when transported to windows 7 I don't see anything happen.

The script is python; it asks (with tkinter) for an 4-digit number,
modifies the subject of a selected message with that number,
and re-sends the message.

Everything seems to be all-right under windows:
python and claws-mail are installed, and I have definded the action
exactly as under linux:
    Nummer: \bas\exe\clawsub.py %f
The action-icon 'Nummer' is in the task bar.

when I start the script in a command window, outside claws-mail,
with eg '\bas\exe\clawsub.py filename_of_downloaded_message'
it behaves as expected and desired.

In claws-mail nothing visible happens: no tk-widget and no traceback,
no other messages. Maybe these other messages are in some log,
but I don't know where I can find them. Windows is very much
unknown territory for me.
Egbert Bouwman  [GMail]

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