[Users] SSMPT: SSL Handshake problem

Thomas thomas.schnuck at freenet.de
Sun Nov 25 15:55:24 CET 2012

<ratinox <at> gweep.net> writes:

> I tracked this down a bit back. The problem isn't Claws-Mail or Gpg4win
> per se. The problem is that the OpenSSL folks changed how OpenSSL
> negotiates ciphers during the handshake. The change is not technically
> incorrect so it isn't technically a bug.
> The point of failure is in libetpan. That's where the SSL negotiations
> occur. The solutions to this that I've worked out are:

Thanks. While I'd have to figure out how to do that, this particular server 
seems to be a bit stubborn. If you see the like below, any way to set the 
connection settings in Claws-Mail (under Windows)? 


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