[Users] Walkthrough for clamd

crlipton at gol.com crlipton at gol.com
Thu Nov 22 06:04:51 CET 2012

I recently changed my OS from Kubuntu 12.04 to Linux Mint 13 + KDE (an
Ubuntu derivative).  After installing Claws Mail v.3.9.0, I copied
the .claws-mail configuration and mailbox files from my old disk to the
new one.  All of my selected plugins seem to be working properly except
the Clam AntiVirus plugin.  

On the Preferences page, when I insert a check in the "Enable virus
scanning" box and click "Apply", I receive a Warning which states:  

"New config
Clamd does not respond to ping.
Is clamd running?"

It's been quite a while since I did the original setup and I don't
remember how I did it before.  Can someone direct me to a step-by-step
walkthrough that will help me set up the daemon again?

Charles Lipton

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