[Users] cvs14 build fails...

Colin Leroy colin at colino.net
Wed Nov 21 16:33:15 CET 2012

On Tue, 20 Nov 2012 12:22:20 -0500, ratinox at gweep.net wrote:

> Then you've been lucky. If you don't make clean and don't re-run the
> configure script then who knows what kinds of brokenness you'll
> encounter. This isn't just Claws. It's every complex application (if
> you want to experience horror, try X.Org's "make world" without
> cleaning first).

In fact our dependencies are simple enough that make clean is
almost never needed.

Paul said Pierre needed to make clean because he ran
apparently ./configure instead of ./autogen.sh, which made the make
system fail to detect rebuilds needed by matcher_parser_parse.y changes.

On CVS, ./autogen.sh must be run each time one wants to change
configure's options, for example, not ./configure.


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