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>--- Comment #1 from Andrej Kacian  2012-11-21 11:04:07 ---
>I wonder, does this still happen with recent versions? I apologize, I
>have completely missed this one.

A feed that keeps giving me trouble is Blabbermouth - 


Feed info:

Most of the time it is just fine, but the first update of the feed in
the morning, when there's a whole lot of new items in it, the update
slows down the computer to a crawl.

I have been following this feed for quite some time (and have run into
the problem fot quite some time)- does already downloaded news items
affect an update in any way?

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the problem at this time, only when
there are quite some new items in the feed to download.

I guess the problem should be pretty easily reproducible using this

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