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--- Comment #1 from Holger Berndt  2012-11-21 15:01:07 ---
You can use the python plugin to script some shortcuts. Creating a global
quicksearch rule is quite easy:

1. Load the Python plugin
2. Choose Tools -> Python scripts -> Browse 
   (or navigate your file browser to ~/.claws-mail/python-scripts manually)
3. Go into the "main" subdirectory
4. Create a file called "qs-from-me" with the following line as content:
   clawsmail.quicksearch_search("clawsmail at kushwaha.com",
5. Back in Claws Mail, choose Tools -> Python scripts -> Refresh
   (or restart Claws Mail)

Now, you have a menu item under Tools -> Python scripts that triggers a
specific quicksearch. You can assign a shortcut to it, or put it into the main
toolbar at your liking.

If required, the script could be extended to e.g. pop up a list of quicksearch
rules specific to the currently selected folder, or whatever. But that would
require some scripting knowledge.

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