[Users] [Bug 2805] Support Replied, Forwarded, Replied & Forwarded flags for "Unread" messages

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Wed Nov 21 10:20:44 CET 2012


--- Comment #6 from Abhay S. Kushwaha  2012-11-21 10:20:44 ---
No Ricardo, please don't just cherry pick the word "reset" and apply it without

1. I don't care what other MUAs do. Just because everybody is doing it a
certain way is no justification. Group agreement creates convention or mob, not
necessarily the correct outcome.

2. If I was to accept your argument, then on reading the re-set-to-unread mail,
the replied, forwarded, replied-and-forward should also be reset. They are not.

3. If I was to accept your argument, then MUAs should not even allow email to
be re-set to unread because an email that has been read, has been read and this
ability to mark mails as unread could be argued to be a bug. I won't make the
argument since I don't accept your argument which could lead to this argument.

4. I'll stick to my argument in previous comment which explains the reasoning
behind the RFE. The Replied, Forwarded, and Replied-and-Forwarded statuses of
an email are important, and once they have been recorded against a message,
should always be shown, irrespective of the read status of a message.

5. Here's a new one. What stops me from forwarding an unread message? It could
even be part of a processing rule IIRC. So why should that status not be shown
to me unless I mark that mail as read?

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