[Users] [Bug 2805] Support Replied, Forwarded, Replied & Forwarded flags for "Unread" messages

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Wed Nov 21 06:20:44 CET 2012


--- Comment #4 from Abhay S. Kushwaha  2012-11-21 06:20:44 ---
Sir, I most humbly submit to you that you have just given me ideas for another
dozen RFEs. ;)

Jokes aside, I think what you're saying is absolutely right when you say users
should be taught to use other methods and mechanisms than marking a message as
unread. Claws-Mail certainly provides numerous such ways.

However, MUAs allow people to re-set read status and I have found that many
people use this out of habit since they have either created this mental
workflow of using the read/unread flag from past usage of a MUA which did not
provide such a mechanism, or because they currently are not aware of other
possibilities, or sometimes simply because the cost of marking a message unread
is cheaper than using a semantically or functionally better mechanism.

Thus, the fact remains that people mark emails unread after performing actions
upon them.

So the intention of this RFE is to give higher priority to replied and
forwarded statuses since they occur later in the lifecycle of an email message.
Going back to "unread" for whatever reason should not hide the fact from the
user that they have performed one or both of these actions.

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