[Users] LDAP: Used schema and crash

Dr. Peter Voigt pvoigt at uos.de
Tue Nov 20 23:13:03 CET 2012

I'am a long term Gnus and an occasional Thunderbird user. Recently
I've started to evaluate Claws Mail. I've built version 3.9.0 from
source under Linux and compare it to

Claws makes me almost perfectly happy. It could make me even
perfectly happy depending on the answers to following LDAP related

- What LDAP schema does Claws use for reading and writing? Can it be

- Can I achieve Claws to display all attributes of my used LDAP schema,
  e.g. the Thunderbird schema "mozillaAbPersonAlpha"? Write access is
  not neccessary for me.

- The Windows version of Claws hangs when accessing my openLDAP server.
  This happens at least since the second lookup of a contact, e.g. in
  approximately 50% of all cases Claws hangs already before the first
  contact can be found. This behavior cannot be observed with the above
  Linux version of Claws. Should I open a bug ticket for it?

- The Linux version of Claws allows for SSL secured LDAP connections.
  Is this feature planned for the Windows version as well? I'd
  appreciate it, because I often need to access my address book over
  the internet.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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