[Users] Focus upon entering a folder via "Go to next unread mail"

Leon Fisk lfisk at iserv.net
Mon Nov 19 18:32:19 CET 2012

When entering a folder via "Go to next unread mail" the focus always
shifts to the Message List (I'm using Layout->Wide message list) which
drives me a bit crazy seeing the focus was in the Message pane. Then if
you happen to try moving up or down a line or two with the arrow keys
you end up jumping up/down whole messages if you don't remember to set
the focus back to the Message pane.

If you "Run folder processing rules" while in a folder with the
focus in the Message pane, focus will shift to the Message list

Any way something could be done to keep the focus in the Message pane
or maybe some sort of preference could be added? I mostly use the
keyboard and you have to either hit the tab key a couple times
or mouse click in the Message pane to change the focus. 

It's been bugging me for awhile, just got around to griping about it :)

Claws 3.9.0, Ubuntu Karmic-Lucid

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