[Users] Claws Mail Extra Plugins 3.9.0 unleashed!!

Páder Rezső rezso at rezso.net
Thu Nov 15 21:34:22 CET 2012

> It's ridiculous that it's so hard to build a project with a dependency
> that's about 1.5 years old - even with all components being open
> source! It's a joke. What a toy system. No wonder desktop linux is such
> a failure. As I professional, I would run away as fast as I could, too
> (of course only after doing some finger-pointing and having a good
> laugh). </rant>

The latest gtk2-dependant versions:
clutter-gtk 0.10.8
libchamplain 0.8.3
But both requires a patch for glib >= 2.26.


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