[Users] [Bug 2778] [gpgmime] Signing fails with "Secret key specification is ambiguous"

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Wed Nov 14 12:32:28 CET 2012


--- Comment #4 from Fabian Keil  2012-11-14 12:32:27 ---
I've been using a patch for a while that lets claws-mail
automatically use the most recent encryption key in case
of multiple matches.

This is also useful when the recipient has multiple valid
keys which otherwise results in having to choose a key manually
for each mail which is somewhat annoying.

In the patch this behavior is enabled by default, but can be
"conveniently" disabled with gdb. Would the patch be acceptable
if it was disabled by default and controlled with a (hidden)

I agree that it would be nice if Claws-Mail would allow the user
to specify a default encryption key independent of the gpg settings,
but if I remember correctly this would require a lot more changes.

It also wouldn't address the "multiple valid encryption keys for
the recipient" scenario.

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