[Users] The separate message window and 'global' keyboard shortcuts

Christoph Gutjahr christoph.gutjahr at posteo.de
Mon Nov 12 15:24:45 CET 2012

Hallo Paul,

> It's not a bug anyway, what you're talking about is a feature
> request. After all, you can get there using the keyboard when you
> know how.

I would have to agree with Andrej here, IMHO this is a usability bug.
The behaviour doesn't make sense (no other GUI driven program I used
so far has a similar approach), is not indicated at all by the GUI and
you didn't give any reason for its existance either.

Yesterday, I was convinced that Claws doesn't let me delete mails via
the keyboard when the message window is open. In other words: the
user interface actually got in the way of doing things, which is the
exact opposite of what the interface is supposed to do.

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