[Users] The separate message window and 'global' keyboard shortcuts

Andrej Kacian andrej at kacian.sk
Mon Nov 12 10:06:28 CET 2012

On Mon, 12 Nov 2012 07:37:57 +0000
Paul <claws at thewildbeast.co.uk> wrote:

> It's not a bug anyway, what you're talking about is a feature
> request. After all, you can get there using the keyboard when you
> know how.

I would disagree here. If some shortcuts work, while others don't
without the clues as to why, it definitely is a bug. Not a programming
bug, but an UI bug.

I see no reason why prev/next shortcuts should be available right off
the bat, but shortcut for deleting a message only after clicking inside
the textview, or getting the focus (which is not indicated anywhere in
the window) there via other means.

Or maybe I'm just misunderstanding the issue at hand?


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