[Users] The separate message window and 'global' keyboard shortcuts

Christoph Gutjahr christoph.gutjahr at posteo.de
Sun Nov 11 23:28:06 CET 2012


I'm new to Claws (using 3.8.1 on Ubuntu) and I love it - thanks to
everybody involved!

I do have some issues with keyboard shortcuts though:

I'm using a separate message window for reading mail. This message
window has its own menu - and keyboard shortcuts defined in this menu
(like N/P for next/previous mail) work fine from the start.

But shortcuts defined in the *main* window's menu or shortcuts defined
some place I haven't found yet (like DELETE for moving a mail to the
trash) do not work in that window - or so I thought.

After asking in IRC and wasting some poor soul's spare time, I found
out that the text area in the message window needs to have the focus to
make *all* shortcuts work. So I have to press TAB to change focus to
the text area (there is no visual indication as to which window part is
focused, btw...), then I can use my beloved DELETE to delete current
mail and open the next one.

This is extremely counter-intuitive, IMHO. If the text area needs the
focus to make all keyboard shortcuts work, why doesn't it have the
initial focus? What other part of that window needs the focus anyway (I
can't tell who has initial focus)?

I would actually be screaming "BUG!" at Bugzilla now, but the person
that told me about the focus thing in IRC had a rather official
sounding nick and seemed to think that this was perfectly fine
behaviour, so I thought I'd ask first ;-)

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