[Users] [Bug 2770] Python plugin is linked against libpythonXY.so instead of libpythonXY.so.1.0

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Fri Nov 2 23:39:36 CET 2012


Holger Berndt <hb at claws-mail.org> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Holger Berndt  2012-11-02 23:39:35 ---
The plugin is linked against the versioned so file all right, as you can verify
with ldd, for example.

However, it additionally dlopen()s the .so file during runtime. That's why the
.so file is not only needed at compile-time, but also at runtime. If your
package dependencies don't make sure that the .so file (or link) exists at
runtime, then that's a packaging bug. You'll have to add the proper

Leaving the bug open as an enhancement request, as dlopen()ing .so.x.y instead
of .so might be nicer.

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