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sylpheed at 911networks.com sylpheed at 911networks.com
Fri Nov 2 20:57:18 CET 2012


After so many years, I'm gone a plunge into the world of smartphones,
likely to be a Galaxy S3. I've been using CM since the days of

* Is there or will be there an Android version of CM?
* If not, what's a good way of having both CM on the desktop and some
  other MUA?

I use POP and do not want to use IMAP due to the huge amount of mail
I get on a daily basis. I subscribe to a few active mailing list plus
a lot of email. To keep it reasonable, last month, I deleted 220
thousand emails and I still have close to 100 thousand emails in CM.

I don't need all of these emails on the phone. That's why I use CM on
the desktop.

What would be a good solution?


When the network has to work

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