[Users] [Bug 2569] select html part on folder spesific properties

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Sun May 27 23:32:02 CEST 2012


--- Comment #7 from Andrej Kacian  2012-05-27 23:32:02 ---
Kevin, right now, it *is* a global preference. :) The thing is, if we add it
also as a per-folder preference, the global preference loses its meaning,
because in effect, whether or not to select HTML part would be controlled by
that folder's switch. A checkbox can only have two values, there is no space
for "yes"/"no"/"obey global preference".
I guess best way would be to remove the global preference option, and write a
small routine which will run only if the global option is found in config, and
- remove the option from config
- apply its last value to all existing folders

Any comments?

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