[Users] Troubles with claws-mail 3.8 upgrade

Thomas C. Hicks paradox at pobox.com
Sun May 20 03:22:41 CEST 2012

I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 10.04 to Xubuntu 12.04.  Along with
that I installed claws-mail from the current repos and got version
3.8.  I am using the same $HOME/.claws-mail directory to run the new
version.  I have noticed a few odd things:

1. Can't send and receive mail - When I try with the new install I only
get "SSL Handshake failed" errors.  I am using the same setup as my
3.7.4 install in which everything worked beautifully. In fact I kept
the Ubuntu 10.04 install in a separate partition and when I boot into
that I can use claws-mail normally.  I can't find a solution to this
online so any input is appreciated.

2. Python plugin - I installed the python plugin but can't browse and
edit my plugin scripts from within claws-mail.  When I go to Tools >
Python Scripts > Browse, nothing happens.  Again the files are there in
my .claws-mail directory and this all works normally when I boot to the
older Ubuntu and run 3.7.4.

Any input, suggested reading, etc. is appreciated.  I am a long time
claws user and have loved it because of its stability.  Since it is so
stable I have not upgraded or had to change any settings in at least 2


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