[Users] attachment icon doesn't show until message opened

Pierre Fortin pf at pfortin.com
Sat May 19 05:24:33 CEST 2012

On Fri, 18 May 2012 21:21:38 +0200 Holger Berndt wrote:

Thanks for responding...

>On Fr, 18.05.2012 14:36, Pierre Fortin wrote:
>>Is anyone else experiencing attachment icons that don't show until the
>>message is opened?
>That's a side-effect of not parsing messages unless really 
>necessary, because it's costly.

I'm puzzled...  I'm only seeing this on one message at a time -- the
previous messages with attachments are already displaying their icons.
When a message with att. but w/o icon is opened, it's tne only one
processed (apparently) and the icon appears instantly.  

I can completely shut down CM, restart it, and open the same folder and
all the icons are there (sticky).  Strictly from external observation, it
seems that checking messages as they arrive in the folder would be
minimal processing.  Worst case might be when copying/moving N messages at

>There is a "has_attachment" quick search that you can use to find
>messages with attachments. Or you can make sure the messages are parsed
>in any other way (e.g. by using a body search).

I'm normally in threaded, sorted by date mode, so Ctrl+t &
sort-by-icon-column works even faster for me...  :)

>I agree that this is bad UI. Maybe the attachment column should get a
>special marker (e.g. a question mark) for messages whose attachment
>properties are so far unknown.

As indicated above, as soon as the message is opened, the icon appears.
I'd bet that doing that check when the message enters the folder, it
would be sufficient with no noticeable penalty; but that's just MHO :)



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