[Users] Fw: account selection

jlambert at rattlebrain.com jlambert at rattlebrain.com
Mon May 14 20:01:43 CEST 2012

>On So, 13.05.2012 22:16, jan wrote:
>>The problem:
>>I have not switched the account to rattlebrain, but i am replying to a
>>message in the rattlebrain account. The automatic "From:" address in
>>this reply is kabuki at ...

>This very "problem" is already solvable with the "default account"
>property that both Brad and Salvatore talked about.

I seem to be missing something, there is only one "default account" as
far as i can determine. I have six accounts spread over three domains. I
do not want outgoing messages with in-advert  cross account ("default")
addresses. I want the "current account" to be the one one associated
with the MH folder i am currently viewing. That way there will be no
cross account processing or addressing problems. This initially
manifested as a problem with the From: in replies. I can "fix" that
specific problem by specifying templates for every account but i prefer
that the account i am viewing be selected as the "current" account.


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