[Users] ARGH! CM ignores offline mode

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Sat May 12 03:16:30 CEST 2012

> No, a good _desktop_ (!) will provide a kill-switch. That makes more
> sense than having one in each individual application.

I had no such killswitch. For heavens sake, i made my own now, hacked into the network monitor, on-click executing a SUDO  command. But, (1) claws now hangs for a lomg time, until the edrror message occurs. This is not really handy. And (2) it kills the interface, but what if i was downloading something in parallel ? - And voila, a clwas switch would be more convenient. 

> The connection is done on the user's request. It was the user's
> decision to send it off in the first place.

But isn't this merely a fact with no inherent consequences. What i said was that a user should be able to decide to kill a transmission in the middle. If it is technically possible, and desired by users, then why not considering it ? 

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