[Users] ARGH! CM ignores offline mode

Pierre Fortin pf at pfortin.com
Fri May 11 21:53:04 CEST 2012

On Fri, 11 May 2012 21:24:15 +0200 Holger Berndt wrote:

>effectively a constant time "fix my mistake" button, and indeed quite

So...  a user defined N seconds before sending a queued message (unless
confirm is enabled)...

I would prefer an option to confirm only messages with attachments as I
described in my response to Paul Rolland, simply because it wasn't until I
saw the message taking a long time to send that I even realized it
contained an attachment.

Pieces are already in the code: Attachments tab in compose, confirm
on send...  a little glue and voila!  I think :)


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