[Users] Claws Crashes Repeatedly

Charles Lipton crlipton at gol.com
Fri May 4 08:17:44 CEST 2012

On Mon, 30 Apr 2012 14:52:34 -0600, Troy Vitullo <info at troyvit.com>

>I really really hate to say this but when things get that strange for
>me in KDE I often have to just move/remove my entire ~/.kde directory
>and start fresh. It's a hassle setting everything up again but it does
>tend to solve that kind of problem.

Just a quick note to thank Troy for that bit of advice as it has
cleared up several problems.  On the downside, Claws crashed again for
no apparent reason (but, temporarily selecting the GTK+ theme may have
been the culprit as it has not crashed a second time) and
claws-extra-plugins were uninstalled by the system. I attempted to
reinstall the extras file and was told there was an unresolved
dependency in the perl plugin.  So, I reinstalled only those plugins I
use and all is well.
Charles Lipton 
crlipton at gol.com

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