[Users] [Bug 2640] improve quoted-printable encoding

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Fri Jun 29 10:06:38 CEST 2012


--- Comment #2 from madroach+claws  2012-06-29 10:06:38 ---
I just added a patch against VCalendar which was broken by the initial diff.
I'm no user of VCalendar so I find it hart to test the changes to
vcal_manager_icalevent_dump. Maybe someone else could test this?
It builds and loads fine in the patched claws-mail-3.8.1.

The initial patch against claws-mail-3.8.0 was tested by me for several months
now. What about committing it to the official tree? It improves the qp-encoding
to adhere to RFC 2045. The code would be cleaner and better documented.

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