[Users] I get occasional artifact subjects and dates on my Claws email

Cia Watson ciamarie at my180.net
Thu Jun 28 17:21:58 CEST 2012

On Wed, 27 Jun 2012 16:59:17 -0400
Steve Litt <slitt at troubleshooters.com> wrote:

> Occasionally, meaning every couple months, when reading my IMAP with
> Claws-Mail, a legitimate message has an artifact subject and date, when
> viewed in the message list and only when viewed in the message list.
> When you look at the email itself in Claws, it has the correct subject
> and date. 
> From the looks of the subjects in the message list, it looks like it's
> randomly assigning a subject from a different email several months ago.
> The date is from a similar time, but does not exactly correspond to the
> date of a legitimate message with that subject.
> In order to investigate whether it's a Claws problem or a Dovecot
> problem, I looked at the same email in Thunderbird. Thunderbird did NOT
> show the artifact in the message list, so for the time being I'm
> assuming it's a Claws problem, or some sort of intermittent conflict
> between Claws and Dovecot.

I'm using Debian wheezy (testing), and using Thunderbird (Icedove) for
retrieving gmail via IMAP. I have the same thing happen pretty often, and if
I click on another message then go back to the one that had the 'artifact'
from the wrong message, it then usually shows the correct message text. I had
it happen last night, and I actually had to go back and forth to the message
twice to see what it actually said. 

I suspect it's an IMAP issue, but I'm not an expert.
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