[Users] [Bug 2621] message view should close on deletion

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Wed Feb 29 18:36:12 CET 2012


--- Comment #2 from Pawel Pekala  2012-02-29 18:36:12 ---
Just a note, this is implemented in CVS:

2012-02-02 [pawel]      3.8.0cvs21

        * src/folder.c
        * src/messageview.c
        * src/messageview.h
        * src/procmsg.h
                Fix bug #2501 'opened message blanks when moved to other
                Detect message move and update message window contents
                accordingly, if message is moved to trash close window

Mones: I think leaving blank windows is confusing to the user, is my message 
deleted? or claws-mail failed to do so? etc
Also closing window follows "natural order of things", when you dispose things
in RL you want them out of your sight.

Surely we can do better here then blank window. I`m open for suggestions

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