[Users] pgp sign all messages *except* to certain addresses

George Avrunin avrunin at math.umass.edu
Thu Feb 23 20:05:12 CET 2012

I have some colleagues at a college that uses Horde IMP (4.3.7, according to
a message header) for webmail.  After some recent upgrade, it won't show a
message that has a digital signature.  The administrators there admit that it
ought to, but the problem is apparently beyond their ability to solve in the
time they have available for such things.  The workaround suggested by the
administrators is for the recipient to forward the message to himself, which
is ugly, messes up replies, etc.

So I want to continue to sign my messages, except for ones sent to a small
number of people at this college.  The communication with these people is part
of a larger project and I do want to sign messages to the other participants,
so I'd prefer not to have to use a separate folder for this.  I can obviously
manually reset the option in the compose window, but I sometimes forget and
that annoys the recipients.

Is there a good way to have claws continue to sign by default, but not do so
if one of a small number of specified addresses is in the To: or CC: fields?

I vaguely remembered seeing something like this in the archives, but haven't
been able to locate anything and at least a quick google search didn't,
either.  If it has already been answered somewhere, I'd very much appreciate
a pointer.


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