[Users] claws-mail on Win7 64bit

Slavko linux at slavino.sk
Mon Feb 20 22:11:12 CET 2012


i am using the CM in Debian, without any problem and in Windows XP with
some small problems. But in last days i get new computer (in work) with
Windows 7 64-bit. I download last colin's snapshot and go to using it. The
installation proces was without any problems and CM runs via menu icon.

The first problem was with SyTray icon (via plugin), where maximized
window was not unhided as maximized (at whole display), but maximized with
upper left corner in center of the screen and right and bottom part of
window was out of screen.

Second problem was with spellcheck dictionaries, the link to download
other languages points to 404 page (i am sorry, i have no link now).

Third (and fatal for me) was problem, that claws mail does not respect
command line options. I tried only --help, --compose and /? but nothing
happens if the CM was running. If it was not running, then it starts, but
compose the new message from command line was not possible.

I tried the previous snapshot (used in my XP computer) too, but with the
same behavior.

I want ask, if someone other has CM win32 version running on 64-bit
Windows or if i was doing something in wrong manner?


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