[Users] randomly parts of claws configuration get corrupted

Hanno Böck hanno at hboeck.de
Tue Feb 14 09:23:18 CET 2012


I'm new on this list.

I regularly have the following problem:

From time to time, parts of my claws configuration seem trashed. The
first symptom is that on starting claws, it tells me the adress book
index is corrupted. It also seems claws is unable to fix the adress
book index by itself.
Also, all plugins are deactivated and parts of my account configuration
are deleted. Usually, some accounts disappear and one is still there,
but with partly wrong/missing configuration, I assume it's all a
sympton of a truncated accountrc.

This is NOT after crashes, but on normal exit of claws. I really like
claws, but this is pretty annoying.

Anyone else seeing similar problems? And any idea what the reason / bug
here is?

(I'm running claws on Gentoo Linux, currently version 3.8.0, but same
thing already happened with previous versions)

Hanno Böck		mail/jabber: hanno at hboeck.de
GPG: BBB51E42		http://www.hboeck.de/
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